Oral Cancer Screening

Did you know that 75% of cancers have been reported to begin in the oral cavity? The prevalence of carcinogens in the air, water and even our food puts everyone at risk, which makes examining for cancer on a regular basis all the more important.


What is Oral Cancer Screening?

As a preventive technique, oral cancer screening refers to an examination done prior to the onset of cancer symptoms. It is an excellent way to detect the disease early on, which is crucial to being able to treat it and prevent its spread.

There are a number of different technologies under development that promise to make oral screening even more sophisticated. One example is a tool that can help detect abnormalities in the saliva or mucous by employing the fluorescence of the natural tissue. Arguably though, the visual and tactile exam is still the best form of initial screening.


Advantages of Oral Cancer Screening

  • If you regularly get yourself checked for any cancerous lesions, and they are detected well in time, it makes the treatment quicker, less expensive and more effective.
  • It can especially be helpful for people who are susceptible to cancer, including those who have a family history of the disease, chew tobacco or have previously been diagnosed with oral cancer.
  • Around 75% of oral, neck and head cancers can be directly or indirectly attributed to smoking or consumption of alcohol. Oral cancer screening helps catch the symptoms in time if you have the disease.
  • The process of oral screening takes only a few minutes and does not involve any invasive procedures.

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