Preventative Dentistry

As the old axiom goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin knew what he was talking about when he made this statement, which is as relevant to oral health and dental care as any other part of our lives.

Preventative dentistry deals with practices for maintaining oral health. It includes everything from a proper oral hygiene regime to tests for cavities (or more serious concerns like oral cancer), as well as cleaning and sealing to keep your teeth in great shape!


What do you Need to Know about Preventative Dentistry?

Far beyond their role in the perfect selfie, teeth are vital parts of your body and health. They are also the first link in the digestive chain, as the process is initiated by the teeth in your mouth.

They help you bite, chew and break your food into small, digestible pieces that can be swallowed easily, which makes them critical to your physical well-being. They are crucial in helping you speak clearly, as well as defining, shaping and strengthening your facial structure.

Preventative dentistry includes (but is not limited to) procedures like routine dental x-rays, checkups, oral cancer screening, fluoride varnish treatments, sealants, and dietary consults. The idea behind getting regular dental checkups and cleaning procedures is to nip problems in the bud.

Left undetected, minor dental issues can turn into major headaches in very little time, causing you to spend more time with us than you would otherwise need to. Much as we love seeing you in our clinic, we’d rather you get regular preventive checks to keep your teeth healthy, instead of suffering through extensive tooth repair!

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