White Tooth Fillings


Cavities are holes in your teeth that are formed by naturally occurring bacteria present in your mouth. These bacteria digest the carbohydrates in your food and produce acid as a byproduct which destroys healthy tooth structure leaving a cavity. Eating a lot of acidic foods can also cause cavities. If cavities are left untreated they can spread to the nerve causing tooth pain and abscess.

Cavities are detected by taking x-rays and checking for any clinical signs. They are fixed by removing unhealthy affected tooth structure and restoring the tooth back to its ideal form and function. Most often the filling material used, matches the color of your teeth.

If the cavity has caused considerable damage to the tooth structure, a crown may be the ideal restoration for that particular tooth.

Cavities are best fixed when they are small and asymptomatic. Routine dental checkups will help detect cavities at an early stage.

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