Dental Technology

With the rapid advancement in dental technology over the last few decades, many new innovations have come about that have helped dentists refine their craft and ensure the health of their patients.

Whether we’re working on cosmetic corrections that blend in with your natural teeth or newer (and safer) methods of detecting issues under the surface, our dentists and technicians ensure that your health, safety and satisfaction are always at the forefront.


What do you Need to Know about Dental Technology?

At All About Smiles, we use the latest in modern dental technology to improve your complete oral health. The dental technology used at our San Antonio dental clinic typically covers everything – from tooth filling material to low-pressure braces to modern dental scanning procedures that help detect potential concerns.

We’re a bit geeky about our tools and could go into great detail about each one, but that’ll just bore you. Instead, let’s talk about a couple of the latest procedures used in the field – CBCT imaging and Digital X-Rays. We use these to help detect different kinds of oral diseases and complications, as well as the health of your teeth.

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